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E-learning, Web 2.0 ... and games as mud maps

Here's a lengthy item, first posted at Designing for Civil  Society, about using a game to help teachers think about the use of Web 2.0 tools for e-learning. I think it is interesting for several reasons:

Designing for social action

I recently ran a game at the  first workshop of a new UK programme on Technology and Social Action which was a development of other early games. I wrote on the programme blog:

Social housing explores social media


A conference workshop last week gave me an insight into how far we have travelled in the past few years in the possible use of new media in the public and nonprofit sectors, and how we might explore this further.

It's a few years since I did much work in the field of social housing, when I co-authored a book on how Internet technologies could offer benefits to residents and their landlords - so I was particularly interested to catch up by running a workshop at a conference of the National Housing Federation last week. We played an updated version of a card game I had previously used in 2003 at an NHF IT conference.

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