Running a planning game workshop

dchamp.jpgFor an good example of how our our technology planning game can be used, take a look at the web pages we developed after a day with Digital Champions on the west coast of Scotland. They were helping other residents take advantage of Scottish Executive funding that provided 2000 homes with free computers.

Why games?

Drew Mackie has written an article on how games can bring benefits to professionals and activists working on local projects. You can download the pdf here.

Making the Net work for homes

We have done two substantial pieces of work using games to help people plan how to use the Internet in social housing. The first was a study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which you can read in full here. The second was some follow-up work for Communities Scotland , where we developed a planning toolkit. Although the subject was technology and how to use it, the planning tools of a development route map, cards and planning sheets can be used more generally.

Explaining social capital

Drew Mackie and David Wilcox ran a session at the Ruralnet conference about social capital, and used simple scenario development to help people explore how social capital relates to physical, human, financial and environmental capital. You can download their presentation and instructions here.

People-centred business planning

David Wilcox and Ann Holmes were asked by the UnLtd programme - which helps social entrepreneurs - to run a session on business planning 'as if people mattered as much as the figures'. You read about the day and workshop tools they used in October 2003 here.

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