Designing for social action

I recently ran a game at the  first workshop of a new UK programme on Technology and Social Action which was a development of other early games. I wrote on the programme blog:

The game aims to help people design a programme ... which might include regeneration projects, participation activities, or technology development. In this case we'll be looking at how groups or organisations might use social media, and other activities for ... well, whatever they want to achieve.

I ran something similar at the Circuit Rider conference back in January, as you can see here, and it went pretty well. This time I've done more work, talked it through with Ann Light, know there will be some really buzzy people taking part, so I know it's going to be fun.

Put simply we'll start by inventing a scenario, and some characters, then look at a set of methods on cards , choose those that could be useful, put them into some sort of order, and tell the story of what happens to the programme and the characters. I'll be throwing in a few challenges to liven things up.

I've uploaded the full instructions here (zipped pdfs 2M), and you can see other similar games on our usefulgames site, including one developed for the Digital Challenge programme.

I think it went pretty well on the day: we tackled two scenarios ... one about conflict over water rights in Spain, and one on climate change.