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David Wilcox and Drew Mackie are using this site to bring together old and new material on workshop games and simulations run over the past ten years. Content appears as blog items below, and indexed under our games.

Communications and engagement game

who and why matrixThe other day I ran a workshop for PR and communications staff who are working in housing associations, and I've put the presentation and game that I used on the social media wiki.

The cards are much the same as those used in other games, but after groups had invented the scenario (a housing organisation wanting to improve communications) I asked them to think about two dimensions. First, who was the main focus for improved communications (Board, staff, residents, others) and then what benefits were they looking for: improved consuming of information, better communication, and/or collaboration. After that the groups considered what communication methods would be most appropriate.

Re-thinking membership

We are planning to develop a workshop game that will help membership organisations understand and plan for the impacts that social media will have on the way they offer services and otherwise engage with their members. This will link with The Membership Project that we are developing with RSA and NCVO - more here about the project. If you are interested in this - and perhaps joining us for a free workshop to pilot the game - please get in touch.

E-learning, Web 2.0 ... and games as mud maps

Here's a lengthy item, first posted at Designing for Civil  Society, about using a game to help teachers think about the use of Web 2.0 tools for e-learning. I think it is interesting for several reasons:

Designing for social action

I recently ran a game at the  first workshop of a new UK programme on Technology and Social Action which was a development of other early games. I wrote on the programme blog:

Designing mixed media engagement, with Government


Drew Mackie and I have been funded over the past year to developed a game for designing engagement, by what is now the Department of Justice, previously Department for Constitutional Affairs. The other day we went back with a version that aims to meet current Government interest in using a mix of social media and other methods.

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